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    The Easton Board of Education voted on its budget to present to the Board of Finance. It represents a 4.24% increase over the current year's budget. See more detailed information below.


    Upcoming Budget Meetings:

    Weds, Mar 4 Easton Board of Finance Education Budget Hearing; 7:00pm; Easton Senior Center
    Mon, Mar 23 Town-wide Budget Public Hearing; 7:00pm; SSES

    Mon, Apr 27 Annual Town Meeting; 7:00pm; SSES

    Tues, May 5 Budget Referendum; voting is open 6am to 8pm; SSES

    Below are links to several documents explaining the budget and its potential impacts.

    Information is also available from the superintendent's office as well as in the meeting minutes from the Easton Board of Education.

  • Budget Details and Documents

    Please follow the links to learn more about the proposed 2020-21 education budget.

    The current proposal includes a 4.24% increase. Included are restoring the media specialist at HKMS, an additional section in kindergarten (five sections in grades K, 1, 2, 3, and 5, four sections in grade 4), a social worker at SSES, and extracurricular activities at HKMS.

    Presented Jan 14, 2020

    Link to the budget presented by Dr. Tom McMorran, which includes a 4.2% increase over the prior year's budget. It includes visuals to show the impact of having 16 vs. 21 students in a class.

    As of Jan 14, 2020

    Link to the line-by-line breakdown of the 2020-21 proposed budget

    and Conclusions

    Requested sections at SSES and resulting class sizes. Comparison to class sizes at other elementary schools in our region.

    Lesson Break Down

    Comparison of reading instruction in classes with 17 vs 21 students. Four fewer students per class means each student receives the equivalent of 14 days more instruction time per school year.


    Answers to several questions related to class size from the National Council of Teachers of English.