The sky is the limit


    Your membership dues and fundraiser support make it all possible.

    Your generous volunteer time helps make it happen.

    Here are some of the initiatives funded in recent years.

    Extra Curricular Activities

    Traditionally fund new programs and support  ongoing programs at both schools. Provided a $10,000 grant for the 2018-19 school year to ensure extra curricular programs could run at HKMS. Fully funded all HKMS extra curriculars for 2019-20 school year.

    Funding for Specials

    Supplemental funding for new electronics, musical instruments, art initiatives and sports equipment.

    Spirit Wear

    Custom designed clothing and gear with school branding to enhance a sense of community.



    A tri-district special education committee for grades K to 12. Helps students and families who rely on additional support measures. Learn more HERE.

    Spring Fling

    A great food & fun event, featuring the SSES vs. HKMS staff softball game, that coincides with the budget referendum, as part of our "Get Out The Vote" initiative.

    School Store

    A great way to promote school spirit and student purchasing autonomy.

    Parent Education 


    Bring in experts to discuss topics that concern our community.



    Sponsor an interactive experience for 4th-grade students complementing a K-5 diversity education initiative

    Room Parents

    Provides classroom volunteers to aid teachers throughout the year.  

    Shelf Elf Program

    Volunteer aids for the media center.

    HKMS Ski Club

    Our most popular student group activity! A great community-building series of trips for HKMS students.

    Go Green Fashion Show

    A hands-on initiative to increase students’ environmental awareness.

    Second Grade Play

    An engaging arts initiative, where each 2nd grader is given a chance to shine

    In-House Field Trips

    Interactive learning experiences on school grounds.

    Field Trips

    Educational trips to places like Pond Farm, performances at Sacred Heart University, Sturbridge Village and the Discovery Museum.

    Book Fair

    An immersive, hands-on book shopping experience for students.  

    Coding Class

    After-school class on computer coding for students in grades 4-8.

    Turkey Trot

    Giving students the opportunity to donate, as a community, to local food pantries.  

    Security Cameras

    Funding to install additional cameras to keep HKMS safe. (2019)

    Water Bottle Filling Station

    Funding to install a water bottle filling station at SSES (2019)

    Basketball Court

    Coordinated fundraising to repave and update the HKMS basketball court (2019)